/Lonely Heir: Prince Charles MISERABLE After Prince Philip's RUDE Behavior
Lonely Heir: Prince Charles MISERABLE After Prince Philip's RUDE Behavior

Lonely Heir: Prince Charles MISERABLE After Prince Philip's RUDE Behavior

Lonely Heir: Prince Charles MISERABLE After Prince Philip's RUDE Behavior

While growing up, Prince Charles had his father as his role model in everything he did. However, his life became miserable after Prince Philip showed how rude he could be towards him.

Prince Charles, being the heir to the throne, underwent an "extensive training" to become the best king to succeed Queen Elizabeth II.

The young Prince of Wales, who was fond of books and music, was sent by Prince Philip to Gordonstoun -- a Spartan boarding school. Instead of supporting his son, Prince Philip made him suffer during one of Prince Charles' school plays.

As stated on her 2017 profile for Vanity Fair, Sally Bedell Smith revealed how Prince Charles' grandmother was impressed with his Shakespearean performances in school. However, his crisp and rude father only laughed at his efforts.

"In November 1965, he played the lead in Macbeth," Bedell recalled. "His interpretation, said [former teacher] Anderson, evoked 'a sensitive soul who is behaving in a way that is really uncharacteristic of him because of other forces.'"

Because of his teacher's comment, the young prince became so excited to show the performance to his parents.

However, Prince Charles wrote his dismay toward his father's reaction, saying that he only heard his laugh. As soon as the performance ended, he directly asked Prince Philip why he reacted that way, only to find out that he sounded like a "goon" to his father.

The comment then became "a dagger to the heart of a young man so eager to please" his father. The heir to the throne indeed had miserable younger years that the royal author even ended up calling him the "Lonely Heir".

However, the Prince of Wales still tried so hard to amuse his father in another event.

Prince Charles Failed Prince Philip Once Again

What happened in Gordonstoun did not stop Prince Charles from trying to win Prince Philip's affection, as he trained himself to excel in team sports.

At a very young age, the Prince of Wales shot his first stag and took up polo. Eventually, he applied himself to team sports to follow his father's footsteps.

In 1964, he had his first set of Polo practice match with Prince Philip at the Household Brigade Polo Club.

"The young prince began to mimic his mannerisms-walking with one arm behind his back, gesturing with his right forefinger, clasping his hands for emphasis, and pushing up the sleeve of his left arm," Bedell narrated.

However, he failed to dazzle his father once again and ended up being compared to his sister, Princess Anne.

The royal author went on and remembered how Anne's "natural talent for equestrianism" made Prince Philip be more bonded with her than with Prince Charles.

"Physically uncoordinated and slow as well as overweight, Charles had no talent for Rugby, cricket, or soccer - the prestige schoolboy sports," Bedell said before claiming that the heir to the throne was faint-hearted on horseback riding since he feared to jump.

Even until now, Prince Charles and Prince Philip do not share a deep relationship, and the future king seemed to be okay with that kind of set-up already.