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Slice cake with floss

Easy And Effective Home Cooking Tips

While there’s nothing nicer than a home-cooked meal, it’s not like we all have the time necessary to slave over the oven. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. And while there are tons of tips and tricks for home cooks looking to save a little bit of time, getting all of this information in just one place can feel downright impossible.

Luckily, you no longer have to search very far! Following cooking tips won’t just make your life easier, but they will also make it absolutely delicious.

1. Cook bacon in the oven

Cook bacon in the oven

If you want crisp, delicious, flat bacon the way you see it in restaurants, then set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, lay out your bacon on a tray, and let it crisp up for 20 minutes. Once you try this, there’s no going back!

2. Slice cake with floss

Slice cake with floss

Dental floss isn’t just for your teeth and gums anymore! Grab a long piece of floss—make sure it’s flavorless—and pull it taut. Then lower it over your cake to slice it evenly. You’ll never worry about making a mess with all that frosting again—and that’s one less piece of cutlery you have to wash.

3. Store oil in sriracha bottles

Store oil in sriracha bottles

If you use this hot and tasty sauce regularly, stop recycling the bottles! Instead, use them to store your olive oil. The easy-pour lid makes getting the right amount of oil a total breeze.

4. Use mints for hot chocolate

Use mints for hot chocolate

If you want to add a kick to your next mug of hot chocolate, crush up all those restaurant peppermints from the bottom of your purse into a fine powder and stir it right into your mug!

5. Grill fish on slices of lemon

Grill fish on slices of lemon

The next time you plan to grill up a nice piece of fish, place a layer of sliced lemons on the grill’s grate first. Then, simply lay the fish on the bed of lemons. This will really bake in some amazing citrus flavor and prevent your fish from getting burned.

6. Waffle iron leftover pizza

Waffle iron leftover pizza

If you love leftover pizza but despair at finding a way to heat it back up—the oven takes too long and the microwave makes it mushy—put your waffle iron to work! Fold over your slices to protect the cheese and topping, and close the iron for some truly delicious pizza paninis.

7. Cook your carrots

Cook your carrots

Believe it or not, it isn’t always a great idea to eat all of your vegetables raw. Carrots produce a crazy amount of carotenoids when cooked, and those carotenoids have great health benefits, so get to cooking!

8. Secure your tomatoes

Secure your tomatoes

Do you love tomatoes on your sandwich but hate the way they always seem to slide out? It’s a common problem with an easy solution: simply wrap your tomato slices inside your sandwich meat to keep them in place.

9. Save your ice cream from freezer burn

Save your ice cream from freezer burn

There’s nothing more grim than opening ice cream and discovering that spiky layer of ice all over it. Double-bag your container in sealable plastic bags to keep that troublesome moisture out and your ice cream fresh.

10. Cook your eggs inside rings of onions

Cook your eggs inside rings of onions

If you want to make the breakfast sandwich to surpass all other breakfast sandwiches, cook your eggs in raw onion rings! Not only will the onions keep the egg whites a more uniform (and sandwich-friendly) shape, but they’ll taste super yummy.

11. Peel your banana upside-down

Peel your banana upside-down

Believe it or not, you’ve likely been peeling bananas wrong your entire life. To make peeling a breeze, flip it over, grip the stem as if it was a handle, and peel from the softer end. Take it from the pros—this is how animals do it in the wild.

12. Brew your tea correctly

Brew your tea correctly

Believe it or not, not all teas require the same amount of steeping. White, yellow, and green teas should be brewed for one to two minutes, while oolong and black teas should brew for two to three minutes.

13. Coat French toast in cereal

Coat French toast in cereal

If you really want to make your French toast extra delicious, dip it in a coating of corn flake cereal right before you put it in the pan. You’ll need extra oil for this one, and avoid high-sugar cereals since they tend to burn pretty quickly.

14. Fork your Oreos

Fork your Oreos

If you love dipping your Oreo cookies into a big glass of milk, but hate the mess that comes with it, simply spear the creamy section of your cookie with a fork and dip away. It isn’t just less messy, but it looks a whole lot fancier, too!

15. Easy cookies and cream

Easy cookies and cream

For an even more satisfying version of dipping your Oreos in milk, try soaking them in milk… and then letting them freeze! You’ll get a quick and satisfying bite of ice cream without all of the calories!

16. Boil your ice

Boil your ice

If you’ve always wondered how cocktail bars get their ice cubes to look crystal clear, the secret is that they boil the water first. Do this before you fill your trays and you, too, can have the classiest ice in the glass!

17. Bake your bananas

Bake your bananas

If you have a hankering for banana bread but no ripe bananas in your pantry, don’t panic! Simply bake your bananas in the oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes. They should turn totally black, and you know what that means: ultra-rich baked goods.

18. Bake your avocado

Bake your avocado

Is there anything more frustrating than being ready to make some guacamole but finding out your avocado isn’t ripe yet? You can bake these guys the same way you bake bananas and achieve the same results: super creamy (and mashable) fruit every time.

19. Bacon pancakes

Bacon pancakes

Pancakes are a wonderful sweet treat and bacon is a savory delight… so, why not enjoy both together? Trust us: pouring pancake batter around your bacon will transform the way you brunch forever.

20. Make the perfect sandwich

Make the perfect sandwich

Forget just biting into your sandwich and getting a mouthful of bread. If you want to make the most out of every bite, slice your deli meat and place it on your sandwich as pictured below. It will make each bite perfect.

21. Use hot dogs in your pasta

Use hot dogs in your pasta

Want to wow your picky kids when it comes to delicious dinner? Chop up hot dogs and slide them over raw spaghetti, then prepare the pasta as usual. They’ll think it’s magic while you’ll know they’re getting fed.