/5 Women Hulk Hogan Secretly Dated (10 Who'd Never Say Yes To Him)
5 Women Hulk Hogan Secretly Dated (10 Who'd Never Say Yes To Him)

5 Women Hulk Hogan Secretly Dated (10 Who'd Never Say Yes To Him)

5 Women Hulk Hogan Secretly Dated (10 Who'd Never Say Yes To Him)

5 Women Hulk Hogan Secretly Dated (10 Who'd Never Say Yes To Him)

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To say that Hulk Hogan, or rather Terry Bollea was and still is one of the greatest attractions the world of professional wrestling has ever seen, would be a grave understatement. His rise to the top and his refusal to give up that top spot is by now quite legendary. And yeah, along the way, he made a few enemies, but overall, very few can match what he offered the business; in fact, probably only a handful at that.

But that rise to the top wasn’t without a few mishaps, and when his marriage ended, out came stories from his past about the women he may have dated. But sorting through fact and fiction when such topics are concerned is difficult work, but we found five women that he almost certainly dated, and of course ten ladies that decided to keep a safe distance from the Hulkster.

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15 He Secretly Dated: Christiane Plante

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MTV's Hogan Knows Best was a glimpse into the life of The Hulkster, and the viewing public got a good look at all that went down in Casa Hogan, including some explosive behavior on the part of Linda... something that Hulk alluded to in his book.

But apparently, according to rumors, Hulk wasn't as squeaky clean as he claimed to be, as many have said that he had been courting a woman by the name of Christiane Plante (an amateur model) as his marriage was breaking up.

14 He Secretly Dated: Heather Cole

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A few years back, a certain tape was leaked featuring none other than the man himself. Well, co-star to his leading role was this lady here.

She's also an amateur model and is now married to the man pictured here. She got a wee bit of fame in the process, but what reality stars haven't gotten famous because of certain videos, right Kim K?

13 He Secretly Dated: Miss Elizabeth

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Perhaps her legacy is like no other. Miss Elizabeth was and forever will be the female in all of sports entertainment that can take the title of the classiest belle at the ball. Her manner of speaking, her composure... all of it led to a pretty astounding career as a valet.

But back in the day, while she was with the late, great Macho man Randy Savage, rumors ran rampant about her having a relationship with Hogan, which was something that fractured the relationship between Hogan and Savage for years.

12 He Secretly Dated: Jennifer McDaniel

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Well... this one's quite obvious, as she's now his second wife, but when his marriage was falling apart, Hogan was reluctant to release any such news to the public; not while news of his nasty divorce was still quite public.

But over time, he and she started appearing in public and in his autobiography, My Life Outside the Ring, he stated that she was like an angel, after the terrible time he'd suffered.

11 He Secretly Dated: Cyndi Lauper

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WrestleMania I was a massive extravaganza in wrestling, and it launched the WWE's dominance in the field. But all that wasn't achieved without a huge campaign and a star-studded one at that. Musical superstar, Cyndi Lauper was included and she, Hogan, Mr. T as well as others worked hard to get major media attention.

What also got some attention, however, were rumors that Hogan and Lauper were in fact romantically involved.

10 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Chyna

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Chyna dominated in sports entertainment. As part of the Degeneration X faction alongside Triple H and Shawn Michaels, she made headlines with her showing of strength and of course attitude. No doubt she made it to the top of a difficult business, and while at the top, she rubbed shoulders with some of the best in the business, but apparently, she always kept a clear head and never fraternized with any of the upper echelon, no matter how powerful they were.

Besides, she was in a committed relationship with Triple H for most of that time.

9 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Sunny (Tammy Sytch)

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Sunny was probably the first Diva, really. She went further than most of the female talent that came before her, using sensuality to gain a fan following. Well, the demographic being what it was at the time, her antics worked and she became a familiar face, often appearing at the three major companies of the era WCW, ECW and of course WWE.

But despite having spent some time in Hogan territory, she avoided the man altogether.

8 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Alundra Blayze

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Now here was an athlete's athlete. She was strong, quick and her matches lacked nothing in the department of athleticism and grace. Unfortunately, she had a horrible moment in Wrestling history when she publicly threw Vince McMahon's WWE Women's title in the trash, but all was forgiven in time.

Despite being in WCW, she was not ever in a relationship with Hulk Hogan.

7 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Torrie Wilson

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Following in the very prominent footsteps of Sunny, Torrie Wilson pretty much followed suit, preferring to add to the sensual side of the talent rather than promote physical competitiveness in the ring.

It worked for her and she even enjoyed quite a bit of mainstream fame, and although she dated A-Rod, J-Lo's current beau, she did not date Hogan, despite that she'd been around him quite often at the start of her career and despite rumors of course.

6 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Sensational Sherri

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She too was one of the greats from the golden era of wrestling. She was a valet to some of the most memorable members of the wrestling industry... Booker T, Macho man, Shawn Michaels... you name it.

She was there, really from the start of the more modern era of wrestling and did her part to usher the women of wrestling forward into the attitude era. Adorably mentioned in her acceptance speech at The Hall of Fame, she had a crush on Steve Austin during her career, so perhaps, Hogan wasn't even on her radar.

5 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Dixie Carter

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After his return to prominence in the public eye and just as his world came crashing down, Hogan would shock wrestling fans everywhere and decide to back an up and coming wrestling company in the first decade of the new millennium.

His last match at WWE was versus Randy Orton, but he had yet another falling out with Vince soon after. But despite working very closely with TNA President, Dixie Carter, he and she never dated.

4 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Stacy Keibler

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Stacy Keibler was quite young when she started as a Nitro Girl at WCW, which can now and forever be known as Hogan Country. She rose to the top of the ranks there and when the WCW was purchased by WWE, she became one of the top talents in the business.

But seeing that she's dated the likes of George Clooney, perhaps Hulk Hogan can't necessarily be considered her type exactly.

3 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Victoria (Lisa Marie Varon)

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Extremely committed to the world of women's professional wrestling, Victoria paved the way for young women who wanted to wrestle and not just be yet another pretty face on screen.

Many have compared the wrestling style of Becky Lynch to Victoria's and we more than see the similarities. A brash and aggressive approach, this lady was tough, but no way she would have even entertained a possible date with Hulk.

2 Would Never Say Yes To Him: Gorgeous George (Stephanie Bellars)

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‏@GGFrankenstein /Twitter[/caption]

This lady of the squared circle worked primarily in WCW and was around Hogan a lot. She was macho man's valet after he came back and re-invented himself. It was a great angle and he garnered more steam for himself at the time, but to say that Hogan wasn't and forever can't be her type would be an understatement once again.

After all, she was married to Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein, guitarist for The Misfits for 12 years.

1 Would Never Say Yes To Him: ODB

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Having studied her craft at Ohio Valley Wrestling, she moved to TNA, where she dominated, and even did some work in Ring of Honor. Her style was aggressive and yet pretty impressive. Her antics were always good for a laugh.

She recently signed with Tony Khan's All Elite Wrestling. Now here, and perhaps more than anyone on this list... she'd never date Hogan.

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