/13 Strange Hybrid Animals Crossbreeding Results
Grolar Bear

13 Strange Hybrid Animals Crossbreeding Results

In each Hybrid experiment conducted by marrying new species / species of animals that are different but still in one genetic often fail even if sorted in evolutionary genealogies between different animals are both derived from one ancestor.

But the 13 strange hybrid animals cross marriage is an example of human success in their experiment starting from Liger which is a hybrid cross between a male lion and a tigress to Mangalitsa, the Sheep's Pig. Despite the successes, these 'human creation' animals have many problems with abnormal body anatomy to health problems.

1. Liger, Hybrid Outcomes Crossbreed Male Lion With Female Tiger


Liger is the result of cross-breeding performed between male lions and tigresses. Parent and Male Liger comes from different species but they are still 1 gene that is Panthera. Liger is an adorable big cat. She likes to swim like her mother, but her leadership and social life is high like her father is a lion. What an amazing, unique genetic blend.

At this time, Ligers can only be found in captivity, although in history there has been a story of Ligers found in wild habitats. That's because Ligers have long been considered "sterile", but the theory of speculation was denied in 1953, when the 15-year-old female Liger successfully mated with a male lion to give birth to many offspring.


Photo of Hercules, Largest Liger In The World

Her children managed to grow up but have poor health than the stamina of both parents. In Jungle Island, an animal park in Miami, you can see Hercules. Hercules is a huge Liger, weighing more than 410Kg. Hercules holds the record at Guinness World becoming the world's largest cat. He is very healthy and is expected to live longer and happy.

2. Leopon (Leopard and Lion)


Leopons, the descendants of the leopard and the lioness, have been raised in India, Japan, Germany and Italy. Similar to both animals, leopons have brown spots and a tufted tail, with a smaller mane of lions, and become excellent climbers like leopards. Famous for the most important leopon program in the world, Koshien Hanshin Park in Nishinomiya City, Japan, grew up two leopons in 1959 and three more in 1962.

3. Tigon, Male Tiger With Female Lion


Tigon is the result of a strange hybrid between the male and the female lion. Tigon is almost the same as liger, but the only difference is that liger is the result of cross-breeding between the male lion and the tigress. Tigon is included in the Kingdom Animalia (Animals), Phylum Chordata, Mammalian Classis (Beranak), Order of Carnivora (Meat-eater), Familia Felidae, Panthera Genus (Panther). Its species name is a combination of Tiger and Lion species, Panthera Tigris x Panthera Leo.

4. Africanized Honey Bees

Africanized Honey Bee

Bee killers or Africanized honey bees (AHBs)) are hybrid bee species produced from cross breeding between African bees, Apis mellifera scutellata with various types of European honey bees such as A. m. ligustica and A. m. iberiensis.

Africanized honey bees Afrikanisation is the most productive type of honey-producing bees among other types of honey bees. Since their release, killer bees have multiplied and migrated. They can be found throughout South America and through much of North America.

When they are threatened in any way, they will attack, and their attacks come in large numbers. They will sting mercilessly with death threats, as happens about two people per year in the United States.

5. Wholphin


Wholphin is one of the richness of nature underwater. She is the result of a cross-breeding between the Atlantic bottle dolphins and the false killer whales. Wholpin now lives in Sea Life Park, Hawaii. The size of Wholpin is more or less the same as their parent species, although the number of teeth they have is not the same. If the dolphin's head has 88 teeth, the whale has 44 teeth, while Wholphin has 66 teeth.

6. Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat

Savannah cats, this name comes from a town on the coast of Georgia. The savanah cat is a fusion of cats in Georgia with an African cat. Historians believe cats began to be a concern in the mid-1980s in Pennsylvania. It was not until 1996 that the International Cat Association was formed to recognize the different types of cats in the world.

Savannah is a big cat with a very slender body. They can jump very high, not afraid of the highest water and cat in the world. This cheetah miniature version is behaviorally loyal and very loyal to the employer like dog. Savannah cats are social, they are friendly to cats, dogs and other pets.

7. Coywolf


This one is a blend of coyotes and wolf (wolves). In contrast to wolphin bred in a hybrid way, in contrast to the coywolf that occurs naturally. So many found in a group of coyotes that exist in the wild. Coywolf has a character that is a blend of the parent. He likes to hunt and aggressive against his prey, like a wolf. But afraid to approach the residential population like the coyote.

8. Grolar Bear

Grolar Bear

Grolar Bear is a combination of gray haired bears with polar white bears. Some experts predict that, even if they have been married, polar bears will not be able to live in hot areas as well as gray bears. But in fact, the results of this interbreeding can live in hot areas because they have to adapt to the environment.

Polar bears and grizzly bears generally distance themselves from each other. Grizzly loves forest areas and always breeds on land, while polar bears like water and ice and even give birth on ice.

9. Cama


Cama was created in a laboratory in Dubai, and comes from a male dromedary camel farm with Ilama. This animal was created with the aim of making something with the size and strength of the camel, but with temperament easier and higher than the production of Ilama wool. In 1998 scientists cultivated the first cama that resulted from the marriage of the female and the camel.

But unlike most animals in this list, it is created through artificial insemination. Because the size difference is very significant-long usually weighs about 150 kg, while the heavy cam is about 950 kilograms, natural marriage is almost impossible. While cama does not have a hump, but it has camel's ears and a long tail, with the nails split out from old.

10. Dzo (Yakow)


Dzo or yakow are Hybrid from cattle, and obtained from cross-breeding between Yak and domestic cattle. The animals produced are much larger than cattle or yak, and are considered much more productive in milk production and meat production. These animals were originally bred in Tibet and Mongolia as working animals, because they were much stronger than their parents.

11. Zebroids (Zorse, Zonkey and Zony)


Zebroids are hybrid results of male Horses with female Zebra, Male donkey with female zebra and can also Zebra Males with Horse or female donkey. This crossbreeding occurred in the early 19th century.

But the child of this cross-breed is not entirely perfect, there are only a few children who have a donkey-like shape with lines - lines on the body like zebra. Zebroid on the picture is Eclyse, one of which is not common because of its color. The development of crossbreeding is also known in several types namely Zorse, Zonkey and Zony.



This is the result of a cross between a male zebra and a mare. The horse will contain about 11 months. An hour after birth, the zorse can usually stand up and walk. Compared to both parents, the size of the zorse body is smaller. Although his body is small, the size of his legs is almost as long as his parents.

Zorse is a strong and healthy animal. He can live for 30 years. The shape of the body, more like a horse than a zebra. However, zebra stripes are usually still visible on the legs, neck or part of his body. Her favorite food is the same as her parents, the grass.



Well, if Zonkey, born from male zebra and female donkey, At first glance his face like a donkey. The shape of the ear is also like a donkey's ear. However, in some bodies there are typical stripes zebra. Like in his ears and legs. Zonkey also has a mane and tail like a horse. Zonkey properties like zebra. Crossings between zebras and donkeys are actually very rare.



Zony was born from a mother pony and a male zebra. Funny bro, small body like a pony, but there are zebra stripes on his body. Children usually like to ride the zony, because the body is cute and the motive is unique. And these three animals of crosses are still called zebroids.

12. Fish Blood Parrot Cichlid

Fish Blood Parrot Cichlid

Blood parrot or also known as bloody parrot or blood parrotfish is the result of cross breeding and was first cultivated in 1986 in Taiwan. Its origins are unknown, but most speculations say that it is probably the result of a crossing of the midas cichlid with redhead cichlid. There is some controversy in ethics when creating blood parrotfish, because they have some anatomical defects, such as their mouth, which only open a small vertical and cause difficulty while eating.

13. Mangalitsa, The Sheep's Pig


The breeding of the Hiybrid Crossbreed was also done in ancient times, from the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the 1830s after Archduke Joseph Anton Johann, the seventh son of the Roman Emperor Leopold II, received the Sumadija pig prize from a Serbian prince, and then married them to pork Bakony and Szalonta. Mangalitsa does not require special care and this pig race is very easy big.

The Sheep Pig

According to the Amusingplanet report, this pork fat reaches 65 to 70 percent of its body weight. Mangalitsa meat is also considered the most delicious pork in the world because it contains many omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants. This is because the type of feed given to Mangalitsa is not like pigs in general. These pigs are fed only wheat, corn and barley. These pigs are also lighter and easier to melt at lower temperatures, compared to other swine's pork fat.